Condition Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

  • Use unmanned machinery inspection to reduce unexpected breakdowns and lower maintenance costs. With our advanced Industrial IoT solutions, you will transform real-time data from sensors and connected equipment into valuable insights.

  • Track and communicate key metrics like pressure, vibration, temperature, humidity, and voltage of numerous machines and equipment across the whole industry complex. Proactively predict impending issues and schedule demand-based inspection and reparation. Remotely monitor and control optimal environments for various, factory-wide processes.

Remote Surveillance of Storage Tanks & Pipelines

  • Monitor the structural health of widely distributed tanks and pipelines round the clock, while decreasing manual checks. Identify potential spills, leaks or ruptures to avoid disasters and receive notifications on material tank levels for timely refills.

Power Consumption Reporting

  • Enable seamless multi-level energy consumption tracking from plant to, process unit to machinery-level. Analyze energy flows, consumption patterns, and usage behavior across multiple sites for effective production planning, identifying power waste sources and improving energy efficiency.

Asset Tracking and Smart Logistics

  • Streamline and secure storage, dispatch and shipment of goods, thanks to RFID tags, sensors, and robots inside and outside the warehouse. Use NFC and RFID tags, beacons, Wi-Fi for precise assets tracking.

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