CONNECTECH is a connectivity provider for the Internet of Things, with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and operations across the globe. The company offers a disruptive wireless connectivity software platform, which utilizes AI, machine learning, and MIOTY to provide long-range, low-power communication with lower interference and support for standard gateways and sensors.

We use low energy-powered network to help companies and cities connect and collect data from their devices, sensors, and tags. MIOTY's patented Telegram Splitting technology enables the lowest packet error rates, even in a crowded spectrum, and operates without interference by other networks.

From IoT app to cloud and enterprise applications to big data analytics we are the one stop solutions for all your diverse needs.

Manufacturers or operators of electronic devices can utilize the CONNECTECH Network to collect valuable data and connect their remote devices to the Internet, and many are benefiting from it today.  The range of application is limitless, and spans across various industries: manufacturing, energy, healthcare, smart building, smart city, mobility.

From tracking the flow of people and traffic density to monitoring fluctuations in office temperature, crop moisture levels, traffic or patients, vital signs, we manage over a thousand data points.  We empower businesses by utilizing the power of latest technology, to easily resolve complex problems and deliver simpler solutions.


We, at CONNECTECH, aim to provide world-class Internet of Things (IoT) connected app services, help enterprises build the connected enterprise, to simplify business operations, to enhance employee productivity, to enrich customer experience and to grab new business opportunities. We develop customized IoT solutions with agile methodology in order to help you reach the market faster, with an efficient solution.

No matter how much our tech-landscape changes, no matter how much your business changes – the stick to our core values.


Best practices, under all circumstances, given all budget sizes.


Always striving to do better by thoughts, actions and results.


A keen eye on innovation to keep improving our services and processes.


We have grown by addressing our customer's evolving needs, challenges and contributing our best to their growth and success. Our team of industry experts and professionals commit themselves to consistently achieve reliability, performance and efficiency of our services by constantly updating skillset and adopting new technologies that can help our customers achieve more. We believe, by bringing our technical expertise and our customer’s domain expertise together, we can build great products and solutions that lead the way. And many of our industry-leading solutions are testimony to that.

Listen & Understand

We actively listen to your requirements and understand your underlying business needs before starting to work on them.

Communicate & Build

We effectively communicate and collaborate with you during the development and ensure the outcomes align with your expectations.

Deliver & Support

Our processes ensure continuous and on-time delivery of projects. And we support and maintain them as long as required.

At CONNECTECH, we see ourselves as partners to our customers. We are proud to be Partner of Choice for our customers and help them meet and exceed their business goals. We invest in collaborative and transparent relationships with our customers, so they can focus on their core business and strategies while we build products and platforms that support those strategies. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with years long experience of delivering excellence help our customers set and achieve new milestones.

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